Architectural Studies
Ted Goranson

These projects, like most else we do were balanced research, in the sense of exploring radical ideas and practical implementations simultaneously. We built a building company, Earthworks, run as a collaborative. Earthworks was active between 1971 and 1982, when the Goranson house was completed.

We worked with form-narrative flows in one, two and three dimensions, mostly in Virginia Beach. The intent was to master form in terms of its effect; we succeeded to our satisfaction. After 1982, the work shifted to virtual environments [More]. Some of the work here was in mastering the media, literally inventing methods to extend possibilities of conventional materials.

Experiments in One Dimensional Flow.
• The Edgar Cayce Library [More]
• The H— House [More]
• The J— House [More]
• The A— House [More]
Experiments in Two Dimensional Flow.
• The Rudee Inlet Restaurant [More]
Experiments in Three Dimensional Flow.
• The Burrell Museum [More]
• Two Tree Houses [More]
• The G— House [More]
• The Goranson House [More]
• Periodic Vortex Wind Turbine Project [More]
• Multimission Special Operations Patrol Boat [More]
• The G— Brownstone [More]
• The Mountain House [More]
Experiments in Construction Techniques.
• The R— House [More]
• The W— House [More]
• The C— Dome [More]
• The M— Addition [More]
• The F— Addition [More]
• The M— House [More]
• The GK— House [More]
Experiments at Urban Scale.
• The Town Point Project [More]
• The Gateway Project [More]
• The Crawford Harbor Project [More]
• The Jordan Bridge Project [More]
• The Cargo Airport Project [More]