Cinematically Folded Narrative
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In 2000, we began a concentrated study on narrative dynamics, focused on specific dynamics in film [More]. Over a period of time we:

— built a community of people interested in experiencing, understanding and writing about cinematic dynamics.

— put together and posted to IMDB a few thousand notes toward this study [More ].

— collected and structured the IMDB on [Here ] with a custom authoring/publishing system.

— began to write seriously about film, discovering the need for a tool to do on-screen annotation and parallel needs for a vocabulary of causality and sometimes subtle cinematic effects. We made a detailed wish list for our own use that we thought would be a major contribution to the community.

— opened [Here ] to engage the community in specifying and testing those ideas.

— formed a group of very serious developers under the name of eversplosion to code a startup company, called This website would combine advances in self-organizing reactive functions in Erlang, novel user interface ideas for highly situated annotation and browsing, situation theory and situated collaboration. This was based on a collection of concepts we call topoiesis [More].

Based on this, got funding from an angel for the startup. The angel was Earl Research with whom we partnered to use the technology for collaborative workstations [More]. After some significant investment, they suffered unrelated losses and closed down Framethrower. The patents remain with Sirius-Beta.

We are keeping the film study alive, under the volunteer work of the lead architect for eversplosion. We hope someone will pick up the ball on Framethrower/FilmsFolded. After the Earl Research debacle, our project attention is on the virtual enterprise [More].