Ted Goranson

This is a fictional autobiography that most likely will be presented in a hypermedia format, possibly using some tools we are building [More]. It has three sections.

One is a narrative about a young MIT student who gets recruited by the then supersecret NSA. He becomes a principle, then later the lead scientist in a project most believe is psychic in nature. The project is to influence the cosmos through geometric means. The Beatles are enlisted, resulting in the “White Album.” The project collapses, breaking our man. The novel is a love story about the rebuilding of the man and the reshaping of the project, now in its third generation. Time is plastic. The woman or women involved are both in and make the story. Chapters covering 40 years can be read in any order, each order telling a different story [Here].

A second section are the histories used to justify and explain the project for sponsorship. They will be stories of what might be called predecessor projects: the Persian Essenes; 13th century Jewish mystics; Shakespeare and Harriot; Lewis Carroll; The Beatles [Here].

A third section consists of the artifacts of the projects: so-called geometric cosmologies in the White Album, The Alice stories, “The Tempest,” and supporting documents as presented by Section 41 and filed until now [Here].