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Ted Goranson

About This Particular Outliner

We shared some of our study in situated user interfaces. Many elements that pertained to outlining were published in the webzine About this Particular Macintosh, ATPM [More ]. The column ran for a few years as ATPO, About this Particular Outliner. You can read the column on-line at the ATPM website [Here ], download each column from that site, or download a combined PDF that is optimized for print [Here ] or screen [Here ].

The column is a mix of several concerns. Primarily of interest was a detailed study of the history of outlining and user interface possibilities. Along the way, we used existing (and abandoned) outliners to illustrate certain points.

What readers saw was a survey of existing products that turned out to be quite popular. It was mentioned in this context in the New York Times by James Fallows [Here ]. Many of the developers of the examined applications took our advice seriously, and it affected the product category. All in all, it was a huge success.

Because we contrasted applications, and readers were basing purchase decisions, we were scrupulously neutral in the column. Because we get so many quesries, we’ve written a small report on what we use [Here].