Virtual Enterprises
Ted Goranson

The EU Future Internet Enterprise Systems Program

Our demonstration will be enhanced through collaboration with an initiative currently receiving investment in Europe, called “Future Internet Enterprise Systems ” or FInES (pronounced: “finesse”). Funded by the European Union, it aims to support the advanced virtual enterprise case.

As with most EU research programs, it is burdened by politics and excessive administration. But the goals are squarely applicable to the problems that concern us. Its goal is to support a revolution in business models based on opportunistic affiliations, among small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. FInES describes the advanced virtual enterprise this way:

• They are “inventive enterprises,” both in product and practice. They are continually inventive, internally motivated to be so. In the process, they may exhibit non-linear behavior, for instance radically restructuring in response to needs.

• They are “cloud enterprises,” which simply means that they leverage the advantages of modern information infrastructure.

• They are “cognizant enterprises.” FInES describes it in different language, but the underlying point is that everyone involved — including the customer — knows more, and can use that knowledge to advise the system on how to be better.

• They are “community-oriented enterprises.” Doing good for a partner means doing good for the society in which it exists.

• They are “green enterprises.”

• They are “global enterprises.”

EU research investment has built a vibrant community of virtual enterprise researchers, and FInES is attracting the strongest talent. Sirius-Beta will partner with them.

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