Meet The Team

Sirius-beta’s founding team collectively has decades of research and delivery experience across the US and Australia. They are backed by a broader group of developers, mathematicians and commercial experts.

Chief Scientist - Professor Ted Goranson<br />

Chief Scientist – Professor Ted Goranson

Ted specialises in cognitive modeling, bringing profound experience from U.S. National Security and Intelligence, notably with DARPA. His work integrates three innovative concepts: an advancement in situation theory, the organizing principle of dynamic narrative causality, and implementable formalisms based on category theory and geometric logics. Ted’s research spans three key applications: engineering advanced virtual enterprises, understanding cinematic narrative, and remodeling biomolecular dynamics, with impactful results particularly in the realm of advanced virtual enterprises.

Chief Narrative Modeller - Assistant Professor Beth Cardier

Chief Narrative Modeller – Assistant Professor Beth Cardier

Beth’s career has focused on cognitive narratology, the understanding of how the human mind comprehends and processes narratives and extracting mechanisms from stories to expand formal models of reasoning. She is an expert at creating innovative trust models and has been involved in several collaborative efforts including Disney Research, where she worked alongside renowned context logician Keith Devlin at Stanford, and the Virginia Modeling Analytics and Simulation Center, contributing to the development of a prototype immersive modeling environment based on her methods. Beth has also led research in the interplay between aesthetic design and reasoning.

Senior Mathematician - Naso Evangelou-Oost

Senior Mathematician – Naso Evangelou-Oost

Naso Evangelou-Oost, a Senior Mathematician and PhD candidate (conferral pending) at The University of Queensland, is committed to bridging theoretical mathematics with impactful practical applications, employing functional programming as a key tool. His research in developing decision-making methods for causal networks is deeply informed by his expertise in applied category theory, applied sheaf theory, and formal methods.

Senior Mathematician - Naso Evangelou-Oost

Senior Mathematician – Dr David Roberts

Dr David Roberts is an experienced mathematician whose research contributions span across several domains, with publications in category theory, mathematical physics, homotopy theory, and the foundations of mathematics. All of this work is characterised by looking for the unifying structures underlying problems and formulating solutions in such a way as to be more widely usable for other mathematical settings. He has also worked as an applied statistician on national-scale survey data analysis project, as well as lectured in mathematics at various universities for over a decade, giving him a passion for mathematical pedagogy and exposition. Applying category theory to solve real-world problems is the next exciting step which he is passionate about.

Chief Scientist - Professor Ted Goranson<br />

Research and Development – Dr Matthew Garcia 

Matt has worked with the Sirius-beta team for many years, providing core novelties. He bridges pure and applied mathematics at the edge of each, and conducted extensive research in multidisciplinary applications of geometric and categorical formalisms. Educated at MIT and Brandeis, his focus is on fragments of intuitionistic logic generated by inductive processes informed by wildly different situations. Matt anchors Sirius-beta’s US research and development team.

Chief Risk Modeller - Adjunct Professor Mat Hancock

Chief Risk Modeller – Adjunct Professor Mat Hancock

Mathew is dedicated to advancing the field of risk management and artificial intelligence, particularly focusing on applying situated reasoning to effectively manage risk in complex and uncertain conditions.

He has worked in senior risk roles across several ASX companies including Rio Tinto, Downer and Mirvac – envisioning, developing and implementing data-driven risk management strategies and risk modelling. He has extensive experience in enterprise risk management and corporate governance, health and safety and end-to-end corporate deployment of enterprise-wide risk platforms.

Mathew has long been fascinated by the application of machine learning and natural language processing to risk management, having built systems of natural language classification and clustering from the ground up, and more recently developing complex prompt engineering systems and embedding based clustering and classification methods. Mathew is also keenly interested in value and decision modelling, having built value driver based stochastic risk modelling approaches to valuing combinations of risk and projects across operational value chains with dynamic bottlenecks.

Mathew’s life’s work is to bring together these fields with situated reasoning technology that can assist with solving the world’s toughest problems and generally help make the world a better place.