Decision Intelligence: Possibilistic Reasoning

Our mission is to reason about the world and solve its hardest problems

Sirius-beta works outside conventional AI to deliver insights that elude existing methods; we help you understand possibilities beyond what you’ve experienced and your data has captured. This is possibilistic reasoning, this is the future of decision making.

There are many challenges with reasoning.

Traditional AI methods can struggle across multiple fronts…

Navigating uncertainty and conflicting information

Navigating uncertainty and conflicting information

Active investigation, hypothesis testing, and continuous re-interpretation for adaptability

Active investigation, hypothesis testing, and re-interpretation 

Managing complexities in feedback loops and abstraction

Managing complexities in feedback loops and abstraction

Balancing explicit and tacit knowledge

Balancing explicit and tacit knowledge

Explore the intricate web of global challenges with our mission-driven approach, focusing on adaptive governance and collaborative action. We specialize in tackling the world's most complex issues, blending insights from enterprise, government, and environmental domains. Our expertise lies in strategic disambiguation and resilience, addressing the interconnectedness of socioeconomic, technological, and geopolitical factors. We don't just acknowledge the complexity of these wicked problems – we embrace it as part of the solution.

Pioneering Solutions to Wicked Problems

Sirius-beta is focused on real-world problem-solving at scale. Stemming from the research leadership of Professor Ted Goranson, we boast a rich history in fundamental and applied research, with a focus on applied category, influence, and situation theory.

Headquartered in Australia, the company houses a world-leading team of category-theoretic mathematicians, developers, and modellers based in Australia and the United States, reinforced by a strategic partner and advisor network.

Driven by principles and ambition, Sirius-beta is at the forefront of developing technology to solve the most pressing challenges, with the aim to provide detailed analysis and robust open-world models that reason the effects of both problems and solutions.

Our founding team

Sirius-beta’s founding team collectively has decades of research and delivery experience across the US and Australia. They are backed by a broader group of developers, mathematicians and commercial experts.

Chief Scientist - Professor Ted Goranson<br />

Ted specialises in cognitive modelling, bringing profound experience from U.S. National Security and Intelligence, notably with DARPA.


Chief Narrative Modeller - Assistant Professor Beth Cardier<br />

Beth’s career has focused on cognitive narratology, the understanding of how the human mind comprehends and processes narratives.


Chief Risk Modeller - Adjunct Professor Mat Hancock<br />

Dr. Mathew Hancock is dedicated to advancing the field of risk management and artificial intelligence, particularly applying situated reasoning.


Senior Mathematician - Naso Evangelou-Oost<br />

Naso is a Senior Mathematician and PhD candidate (pending). He is committed to bridging theoretical mathematics with impactful practical applications.



Head over to our blog, we will be publishing some insights shortly. Stay tuned. 

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Sirius-beta is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. To reach out, please use this contact form.

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